About Us                                           

Welcome to Southside Church of Christ!

Southside Church of Christ is a New Testament fellowship church serving Jesus as Lord.  The New Testament defines the blueprint of the church which Christ purchased with His blood and for which He died (Acts 20:28).  We hope you will be drawn by the simplicity of our services as they are designed to draw you closer to God and to provide an atmosphere that promotes reverent worship (John 4:42).  Since all we do is governed by the word of God, you will find us observing only those things contained in it.  We do our best to pattern everything we do after the early church of the New Testament.
We are seeking to share His grace in our community and around the world. Being close to Fort Hood, a number of our members are military, both retired and active duty. It is our intent to rekindle the fire of faith in all who attend here. Desiring to reflect upon the love and will of God for our lives, we cherish relationships in Christ in a family that many say is more loving than their own families. 
Perhaps you’ve come to this page looking for a new church home. We know it can be intimidating when you don’t know what to expect and you may not know anyone. It is our hope the information provided here will help you feel more comfortable visiting us here at Southside Church of Christ.
We welcome you with hearts made glad through Jesus Christ!