What is the Church?

We believe the word “church”, in the Biblical sense, does not describe a building, but rather those special people who have surrendered their lives to Christ. For that reason we are very people oriented as is reflected in our desire for each person to grow and mature in their relationship with God through Christ.
We are a Church made up of widely diverse people: people of different races, ages, backgrounds and occupations. We have a large number of military personnel from neighboring Fort Hood. Our desire is for everyone to feel welcome when they visit our family. We do many things together as a family often eating together, playing together, working together and worshiping together. We take to heart God’s designation of Christians as His children and believe ourselves to be brothers and sisters in Christ.
The Bible is our only guide in matters of worship and lifestyle. We believe:
  • the Bible is the inspired word of God and that it tells us how to behave and conduct our lives individually and as the Church
  • that by returning to the Bible we will find the only way to eliminate man-made creeds and traditions restoring the Church Jesus died for
  • and, restoration is a key concept in fellowship.

Our prayer is that we grow closer to Jesus, follow His example more closely, and become more like Jesus each day.