Service Style

First off, you don’t have to have fancy clothes, and we don’t have assigned seating – sit anywhere in the auditorium you like.
At Southside, we strive to offer worship to God that is heartfelt, enthusiastic and uplifting. We believe God is the audience of our worship services and our worship is directed to Him. During a worship service we will offer up prayers to God and will sing songs of praise. We do not use musical instruments in our assemblies, because we believe in offering to God the music of our lips and hearts only.
Each Sunday, all of our baptized members of the Lord’s universal body share in the Lord’s Supper, commemorating the death of our Lord until He comes again. In this sacred event, we share in the flesh and blood of our Lord and remember our salvation and the price He paid to purchase us from our sins. The Lord’s Supper, or communion, is a central event in our meeting together each week.
We also have a message preached from God’s word each worship service. We believe the word is an important part of each of our assemblies. Our preachers strive to make each message challenging and uplifting and true to the word of God.
The average service will last about an hour and fifteen minutes on Sunday mornings, an hour for other meeting times, though occasionally a service will last a bit longer. We do not have special services for Easter or Christmas. Neither of these are commanded observances in the Bible. We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus every Sunday and believe that we are each to worship in public assembly each Lord’s Day and not only on additional holidays.
In addition to worship times we have Bible classes for all ages, fellowship opportunities and other prayer times according to needs and opportunities. We hope this information has been helpful to you and that you will visit Southside and give us an opportunity to meet you and worship the Lord with you.