Southside Food Pantry

** This institution is an equal opportunity provider. **
Austin at the pantry
The Southside Church Food Pantry is a cooperative food pantry program partnering with the Central Texas Food Bank; our work is providing food to families experiencing difficult times. We have a large pantry at Southside which is restocked regularly through  monies donated by Southside Church members and from food contributions from HEB. The Southside Food Pantry is open Saturday 9-11:00 am and Tuesday 9-11:00 am.   The Pantry recently purchased an 18  foot box truck through a grant; this equipment significantly expands the number of families we are able to serve and the quantify of food items we are able to distribute.  If members would like to volunteer with the pantry, please contact Barbara Fitzgerald or Gail Hughling.  If you would like to know more about the volunteer opportunities available through this ministry, contact one of the ladies named above or complete the contact form available on this website.
Tuesday and Saturday (9 am – 11 AM), a drive-thru distribution is used so you do not to exit your vehicle to pick-up food.  For first time visitors, it is necessary to register inside the building where you will receive a temporary card so you can receive assistance the same day.